19 Sex Toys For Men Who Want To Experience A Whole New Type Of Orgasm

by Nicolai in Sex on January 9, 2022

Men deserve to enjoy the endless benefits of masturbation shamelessly, and that can definitely involve some sex toys for men. Masturbation for men can often seem one-dimensional, while women’s sex toy lines are known for being robust and filled with versatile options. But the truth is, men have plenty of options to choose from to boost their pleasure during masturbation, from cock rings to strokers to Fleshlights and beyond. Plus, some of these sex toys will (literally) give you priceless orgasms. 

Here are some of the best sex toys for men with penises to buy and then try, according to experts.

The best sex toys for men to try.

1. Lil Tootsie

The Lil Tootsie is “an open-ended stroker that can be used for solo play or during oral sex,” explains Goody Howard, MSW, MPH, a sexologist and educator who created a video tutorial on the product. According to the sexologist, the Lil Tootsie silicone sleeve features a ribbed shaft, it’s textured like the vagina, and it can be pulled tight to mimic a sucking sensation. “It’s a great nonvibrating toy that can be used anywhere masturbation is appropriate.”

 Lil Tootsie, $45

 Lil Tootsie with Lube and Cleaner

Ask Goody

2. Trojan Vibrating Pulse Intimate Massager

With this vibrating massager for men, you can direct the pleasure where you want it most. It delivers an intense, focused stimulation, which may be particularly beneficial for how psychotherapist and board-certified clinical sexologist Joe Kort, Ph.D., LMSW, says to use this massager: “pressing the vibrating massager to your perineum while stroking your penis with your other hand.”

What’s great about this option is its duality—while it’s a perfect way to bring the fireworks to your solo play, you can also enjoy it with a partner. 

Trojan Vibrating Pulse Intimate Massager, $26

Vibrating Pulse Intimate Massager


3. Fun Factory MANTA Vibrating Stroker

Think wand vibrators are just for vaginas and vulvas? Guess again. Recommended by certified sex therapist Courtney Geter, LMFT-S, CST, these toys make great masturbators for anyone with a penis. To try this, you can get a magic wand attachment for penises, or you can go with a brand Geter vouches for: Fun Factory. Its MANTA vibrating stroker comes with a loop handle that’s easy to hold, and it fits around the shaft for your stroking pleasure or focused sensation. With ridges that hold lube (better glide!) and a motor that vibrates along your penis, you can enjoy this sex toy to simulate the feeling of a warm handjob or deep blowjob. 

Fun Factory MANTA Vibrating Stroker, $140

MANTA Vibrating Stroker

Fun Factory

4. Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker

A waterproof and submersible male sex toy with eight intensity settings, this air stroker is designed to stimulate over 4,000 nerve endings in the penis as you stroke and grind. It’s “revolutionary in the sense that it has the wonderful air pulse technology made for penises,” Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., a sexologist and sex expert for the sexual wellness brand and retailer Lovers, tells mbg. Plus, for anyone who wants to enjoy a deeper and stronger sensation as they masturbate, “this is the toy you should go to.” 

In case you’re not sold on the idea of pulsating airwaves stimulating your pleasure receptors, Stewart adds, “This can also make you come over and over and over again in the same session.” 

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker, $200

Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Stroker


5. Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight

To add more variety to your solo masturbation, consider this classic: the Fleshlight. A handheld artificial vagina or anus sleeve toy, Fleshlights are easily “one of the most requested sex toys from men” who want to experience the pleasures of penetration, says Kort. All you have to do to use it is “slip it over your penis to simulate the feel of vaginal or anal sex.” 

Classic Pink Lady Fleshlight, $70

Classic Pink Lady


6. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

For vibrating sex penis toys, Howard recommends “anything from Hot Octopuss'” line of “vibrating, warming, pulsing toys that are designed to please the penis in ways your hands just can’t.” However, her favorite Hot Octopuss male masturbator is this versatile Guybrator™ (a name Howard thinks is “clever AF”) that provides hands-free orgasms whether your penis is erect or flaccid. Because this sex toy pulses and moves back and forth on the penis at various speeds, you don’t have to worry about stroking—it does all the work for you, and all you need to do is enjoy.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential, $100

Pulse Solo Essential

Hot Octopuss

7. SVAKOM Alex Neo Masturbator

The Alex Neo Masturbator is an app-enabled, thrusting stroker that’s stocked with a headphone jack plus multiple thrusting modes and audible experiences. Perfect for anyone who wants to use an app or video chat with a long-distance partner (or one who’s in another room!), this sex toy’s web capabilities mean it also complements porn enthusiasts. 

“The fact that you can pair it with your favorite porn and align the strokes accordingly” gets you dangerously close to virtual reality masturbation, says Stewart. If that’s not your style, remove this masturbator’s detachable textured sleeve and create your own pleasure. 

“Although some folks think this toy is a bit noisy, this is a phenomenal toy for its interactive experience alone,” says Stewart. 

SVAKOM Alex Neo Masturbator, $159

Alex Neo Masturbator


8. Desire Male Vibrator

Of this silicone, ribbed male masturbator with 12 speeds and eight patterns, Kort says, “You can use these to massage your balls or shaft for mind-blowing pleasure.” It’s simple: After applying a water-based lube on the toy, slide your penis or scrotum through the angled loop, then take in all the sensations. This is certainly a sex toy for solo lovers who want an amplified and customized sensory experience that leads to body-rippling orgasms. 

Desire Male Vibrator, $100

Male Vibrator


9. Pleasure Works Gala Confetti Mini Anal Plug

For anal pleasure novices who find penetration intimidating, licensed psychotherapist and sex therapist Vanessa Marin recommends starting with a small, simple butt plug, like this one from Pleasure Works. It’s a confetti-decorated silicone plug that’s flexible and tapered for easy insertion. Plus, the wings give you easy control of its movements while you masturbate. 

Pleasure Works Gala Confetti Mini Anal Plug, $14.99  

Gala Confetti Mini Anal Plug

Pleasure Works

10. Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Vibrator

Of this top-of-the-line vibrator that features air pulse stimulation and six vibration settings, Stewart says this is a great sex toy for men with penises “because you can use it while flaccid or erect, or to get from flaccid to erect!” Plus, it’s waterproof, so she recommends this for anyone who wants to feel this toy’s oscillating pulse plate on their shaft in a steamy hot tub, pool, or shower.

Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo Vibrator, $149

Pulse III Duo Vibrator

Hot Octopuss

11. Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are great masturbatory aids for anyone with a penis. To stimulate your shaft and testicles simultaneously and receive increased pleasure, try these textured, vibrating double cock rings. “These penis rings can give you multiple orgasms by trapping blood flow in your shaft,” explains Kort. The best part is that besides its multifaceted dual rings, you can use the bullet vibe on its own—that means you get two sex toys for the price of one! 

Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring, $25

Bionic Bullet Vibrating Cock Ring


12. Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

If you want a vibrator that does all the work for you, Stewart recommends this one. “Not only is it a vibrator, but it also heats you up to help you get to your climax,” she explains. A sex toy that includes a soft sleeve with pleasure ridges, 70 vibration patterns massage, and two motors, the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration is an exceptional option if you want the pleasure of vaginal and oral-sex-like sensations. 

Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration, $50

Men Heat Vibration


13. nJoy Pure Wand

This is mostly known as a G-spot stimulator for women, and sex educator Kenneth Play says it’s also “the ultimate prostate toy.” This 8-inch, nonvibrating wand provides a direct connection to your prostate, relying only on its design and construction to stimulate you. As you use this to receive deep, fulfilling prostate orgasms, Play says its “long, curved shape makes it ideal for self-pleasure without arm strain.” Sounds like a win-win to me. 

nJoy Pure Wand, $120

Pure Wand


14. Trojan Tantrix Pleasure Sleeve

The Trojan Tantrix pleasure sleeve is “a soft, handheld pleasure sheet with textured ridges” that provides “a natural feeling,” explains Kort. This single-use masturbation aid is simple, super affordable, and a solid pick if you’re new to masturbating with sleeves, or if you want a quick and easy way to spice up your self-pleasure. 

Trojan™ Tantrix™ Pleasure Sleeve, $6

Tantrix Pleasure Sleeve


15. Zero Tolerance Thrusting Stroker

“Need some stamina?” asks Stewart. “This is the perfect stroker for that.” With this toy’s lively thrusting action, you’ll barely have to stroke as it pleasures you. (Maybe you can simulate the cowgirl position?) Plus, because it incorporates stamina training, you’ll last even longer than you usually do. Lined with soft and stretchy rubber, this sex toy for men features five thrusting levels that each have additional levels of intensity. “And the lifelike entry is a bonus!” says Stewart. 

Zero Tolerance Thrusting Stroker, $139

Thrusting Stroker

Zero Tolerance

16. Lelo LOKI Wave™

Now, if you’re at a more intermediate level with anal play, “The Lelo Loki Wave is great,” says Marin, noting that it’s known for “incredible prostate play.” With adjustable power across 10 stimulation modes, the LOKI luxury sex toy was designed and shaped to provide immeasurable pleasure and stimulation both externally and internally. Its two motors target your prostate and perineum, and the stimulator moves back and forth against your prostate, pushing you closer and closer to an orgasm. 

Lelo LOKI Wave™, $175



17. TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator

“The Tenga Flip is the gold standard for male masturbators,” Marin says. This toy includes three holes you fill with lubrication that disperses as you stroke your shaft. Filled with jellylike silicone and complete with a soft, thermoplastic interior, this is the epitome of male pleasure devices. Although Marin’s had some clients feel skeptical about this sex toy recommendation, she says their “minds were blown after they tried one!”

TENGA Flip Hole Masturbator, $61

Flip Hole Masturbator


18. b-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite

Multi-certified sexual pleasure and health educator Kit Richardson loves this anal sex toy from b-Vibe because it’s “unique to the anal-play market.” She explains that it “simulates the sensation of rimming with its vibrating head and rotating beads in the neck and base.”

b-Vibe Rimming Petite, $145

Rimming Plug Petite


19. Lubrication

“Lube is your friend!” says Stewart. And it’s the last item on our list because each recommended sex toy for men would feel infinitely more pleasurable with the right lube.

Look at it this way: “Although spit can be great, lube can outlast it anytime,” she says. 

To experience boosted sensations and increased stimulation, Geter recommends high-end luxury lubricant Überlube, which is designed to transfer sensation while reducing friction. You can also try Kort’s pick, Trojan Arouses and Releases lubricant, which has both warming and cooling sensations. 

Überlube, $28




How to pick the right male sex toy.

As you shop for the best sex toy, you’ll quickly realize how many options you have to choose from. To avoid getting overwhelmed by quantity and variety or choosing the shiniest item you can find, Kort provides some key advice to match your pleasure:

  • As you shop, assess the shape, type of material, and how it feels against your skin, plus its levels of intensity.
  • Shop from reputable companies.
  • Don’t always assume hefty price tags equal quality. “Sometimes a $20 sex toy can give you more pleasure than a $100 sex toy.”
  • Look for functionality: Do you want a vibrating toy, or are you looking for texture?
  • Save the receipt, and if the toy comes with a warranty, register the device.

“The most important thing about using products is that the material is body-safe and/or medical-grade,” Geter adds. According to the expert, silicone is a go-to option “as it conducts vibrations better than other materials such as plastic.”

While most safe and reliable sex toys also are battery-free, she recommends you use these types of sex toys more often than not to “prevent potential exposure to battery acid.”

When you finally have the right sex toy or male masturbator, Kort says to always read the instructions first before sliding in.

Tips & tricks:

Switch up your positions. 

“You probably have masturbated in the same position for years,” asserts Kort. (I mean, when something works, it works, right?) Try switching up your routine. Rather than stand up, Kort says to lie on your back; and if you like to sit, stand up. You also can push your hips forward or elevate them with a pillow.

Here’s the benefit: “Changing positions can improve your pelvic floor muscles’ resting tone, which improves blood flow to your penis.”

Play with your grip or stroking speed. 

To find a new sense of pleasure, Kort says, “Slow it down,” mentioning that penis-holders may be “squeezing your penis too hard or stroking too fast.” 

Plus, if you find yourself feeling desensitized to your own, Geter suggests trying a different hand, incorporating various types of erotica, or even putting on “a condom while masturbating for a different feel and sensation.”

Try edging. 

Anticipation is one hell of a way to build up an explosive orgasm. “Work yourself right up to the edge of ejaculation, then take a short break,” instructs Kort, “just long enough for your erection to soften a little.” Before you reach orgasm, start masturbating again, then repeat the edging process three or four times. (Here’s our full guide to edging.) 

Involve your prostate. 

Kort explains that your prostate gland, which is right inside your anus, can provide tremendous pleasure. To stimulate it, “use some lube and your fingers; it’s that simple.” And while you’re there, don’t forget your “other common erogenous zones such as the scrotum and perineum,” the expert reminds. (Here’s our full guide to prostate milking.) 

Try sensory play.

To stimulate your senses during masturbation and increase enjoyment, Geter recommends using items like feathers or ice to engage in sensory play—i.e., an array of activities and objects meant to ignite sexual excitement through physical sensations that engage all your senses. 

In addition to feathers, Kort also recommends smooth fabrics like silk to engage your senses. “Gently pass the fabric or feather over the sensitive areas of your penis, taint, scrotum, or even your nipples,” he explains. “Feather play can be very erotic!”

Include someone else.

Just because it’s solo play doesn’t mean you always have to do it alone—mutual masturbation is totally available as an option to enhance your pleasure, especially for partners having virtual sex

The excitement of involving someone else can be explosive, says Kort, who tells mbg you can masturbate with a partner in person or via a Zoom or Skype session. You can even “try an app [or website] for some pre-masturbation sexting,” which is a great option for foreplay

Use what you have at home.

Sometimes, the best sex toys for men are ones that are right in your nightstand—or kitchen, bathroom, closet, office…you get the picture. In those heated, impatient moments when you want to pleasure yourself without a trip to a sex store or waiting for a package, there’s plenty to be inspired by in your own house. Sometimes that could be a showerhead or sock.

How to clean your toys.

Cleaning your toys right after you use them is a must, says Stewart, warning, “Don’t get lazy!” If you do, “You’ll end up with a yucky mess, and your toys will deteriorate faster.” 

It’s important to remember that the “correct way to clean sex toys depends on the type of material it’s made of,” reminds Kort. (Check out our guide to learn how to clean every type of sex toy.)

For example, Stewart mentions that many penis masturbation toys aren’t made of silicone, so it’s necessary to have a toy cleaner. But even when they are silicone-made, cleaners are vital. 

“Only use an approved toy cleaner such as Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner or the UVee Complete Care System,” says Geter. Otherwise, nonapproved cleaners might “break down the silicone, allowing for bacteria to grow”—which could easily transfer infections to you during masturbation. 

And for the times when you don’t have it in you to wash them after masturbation, Kort recommends to “use an unscented baby wipe for a quick cleanup, then wash it thoroughly before your next use.” 

Here are a few more of Kort’s tips to note to keep your sex toys clean:

  • Clean each toy when you first get it and before its first use.
  • After cleaning, completely dry your sex toys before storing them to avoid mold or mildew.
  • To store, consider placing them in the original packaging, a plastic container, or a satin sack. (Drawers easily collect dust!)
  • Don’t share your toys without taking proper precautions.
  • Avoid cleaning toys with scented soaps, household cleaning products, or bleach. A mild, unscented soap or sex toy cleaner is best. 

The bottom line. 

How often you choose to masturbate with these homemade and store-bought toys? Well, that’s entirely up to you. But when you do, don’t forget the lube—and definitely don’t forget to wash your toys before and after each use. 

Plus, if you plan to turn your solo masturbation into mutual fun, wrap it up just like you would during intercourse. Remember: It’s still possible to get an infection or pass it on from using and sharing unclean sex toys. 

Believe me—when you play the right way, your pleasure will know no bounds.

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