What Does A Purple Aura Mean? Life, Love & Career Questions Answered

by Nicolai in Spirituality on January 9, 2022

Many in the spiritual community believe that every person has an aura, an energy field that exudes a certain color, immediately surrounding them. While not usually visible to the naked eye, an aura’s color—be it red, green, purple, or a combination of many shades—can be photographed and analyzed during an aura reading.

Though it isn’t a scientific process by any means, reading your aura’s color is thought to offer a glimpse into your emotional and spiritual state, and it can be a helpful tool for introspection and reflection. One common aura color is purple, and we reached out to aura reader Rachelle Terry and spiritual author Gabriela Herstik to get the lowdown on what this particular shade is thought to symbolize.

You can find out the current color of your own aura by getting an aura reading, having an aura portrait taken, or trying a quick aura color quiz

What does it mean to have a purple aura?

When it comes to your energy field, Herstik notes that your aura is a reflection of your current energetic state: “Even though we might have a lot of purple in our aura one day, it may not be as prominent the next.”

That said, purple can mean a lot of different things depending on where it shows up around your body on any given day: “A dull purple in a muscle, for example, could mean muscle strain,” Terry explains. When it shows up around your head, “it could indicate low mood. And emotionally, heartbreak can appear as purple in the heart chakra.”

Speaking of chakras, it’s worth noting that purple is associated with the crown chakra. If your aura is purple, Herstik says you’re likely very intuitive.


What does a purple aura say about someone’s personality?

Since people with purple auras are so tapped into emotions, Terry says, “they’ve usually been through the depths,” adding that those with a dominant purple in their aura “tend to be highly sensitive, highly intuitive, and more introverted than those with the fiery colors.” As such, they may be prone to indecisiveness, preferring to think things over rather than act impulsively. 

Similarly, Herstik says spiritual practices like meditation, and even creative projects can elicit a purple aura: “If you’re tapping into something bigger than yourself—even if that’s an art project—that can be reflected in your aura.”

What challenges might arise with a purple aura?

Some common challenges for purple-dominant auras include worry and rumination, according to Terry. “They can be very good at calculating risk, but when out of balance, people with purple auras can have brilliant imaginations for thinking up the worst-case scenarios.”

Not only that, but both Terry and Herstik note self-sacrifice and losing one’s identity isn’t uncommon for those with this aura type. “They need to work on strengthening the solar plexus and developing confidence and healthy boundaries,” Terry says. It’s important for people with purple auras to “find balance, practice grounding, and avoid picking up and feeling others’ energy as their own,” Herstik adds.

How do purple auras handle love and relationships?

First and foremost, “People with purple auras do not like superficiality or pretenses and should not settle for a shallow relationship,” Terry says. “They need depth. They need a deep, soul connection with somebody.” That depth may require some maintenance so as to not become overwhelming, so she recommends plenty of self-care and creative outlets, especially if your partner is not as emotionally intense, to help foster balance.

And because of the tendency to feel others’ emotions, Herstik adds it’s important for those with a purple-dominant aura to set clear boundaries and respect the boundaries of their partner. This can look like “allowing them to come to their own decisions, even if you’re picking up on their energy and think you know what’s best for them.”

How do purple auras fare professionally and financially?

Lastly, if you’re curious how folks with purple auras can best navigate the career sector, it comes down to passion. “For people who have a dominance of purple in their aura, choosing a career for the sake of status or money alone will not satisfy them in the long term,” according to Terry. “They’re not self-promoters by nature. Nor should they try to be. Studying, delving into a subject which fascinates them, and specializing in one field would be the best way for them to thrive.”

And in the workplace, it’s again important to mind your boundaries and avoid mistaking others’ energy for your own, says Herstik.

Overall, purple auras are strongly associated with intuition, psychic abilities, and a connection to the spiritual realms. If your aura is consistently purple-dominant, finding the balance between intuition and grounding can help make you feel centered and in tune with yourself. And if you’re looking to balance out this purple energy with other colors, remember that it is possible to “clean up your aura,” energetically speaking, through techniques like smudging, meditating, or working with an energy healer.

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